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Hi there!

Hi! I’m Jenni, a book editor by day and food writer by night.


Born to Taiwanese parents and raised in the UK and Canada, I loved learning about my heritage and new home countries through words and food. Words help me understand and then share the feelings I was experiencing as a third-culture kid. Food gave me joy and a common ground for connecting with new friends. After university, I moved to Singapore and then Hong Kong for work and experienced this two more times.


Now I feel very lucky to be able to work, play and dream with both words and food. By day, I work in Editorial at the world’s largest university press and publish new products for the school and home learning markets across Asia. By night, I eat my way across Hong Kong (and sometimes abroad) and blog here and for Foodie so that I can share a new gem with friends, family... and hopefully you! (I also write about my faith at The Yay Project.)

I don't consider myself a food expert by any means but a lifelong student believing that "All it takes to be a restaurant critic is a good appetite" - A. J. Liebling via Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. ;)

Let’s make time to connect with loved ones through words and food, and experience all our city has to offer. From made-to-order dim sum in Kennedy Town to omakase in Kwun Tong, there’s so much to discover.

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