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Restaurant review: Big Bay Cafe at Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

New 'Keep Clam and Shuk It' promotion

In a city with plentiful hotel buffet options, how can one stand out from the others? Kerry Hotel’s been energetically promoting its new offerings, from their brunch buffet to their afternoon tea, but their latest promotion is the ‘Keep Clam and Shuk It’ seafood market that’s part of the dinner buffet at their Big Bay Cafe. Big Bay Cafe is their casual all-day dining outlet that’s perfect for indulgent yet casual meals, especially if you’re bringing a little one.

What exactly is the ‘Keep Clam and Shuk It’ promotion?

Guests have access to the regular buffet at Big Bay Cafe (worth trying alone for its amazing dessert spread from homemade chocolate slabs, to nitrogen ice cream, to a patisserie-worthy glass case of cake options), but also have the option to have grilled-to-order seafood dishes brought to their table.

Think of the traditional outdoor seafood markets popular all over Asia. Outside of Big Bay Cafe is an outdoor terrace where guests can choose fresh seafood from live tanks before passing it to the chefs for grilling or frying in their wok. Items include scallops, squid, prawns, fish fillets (from salmon to sea bream), razor clams, and also Boston lobster. If you’re a fan of fresh seafood, this is a value-for-money option. Hello, unlimited grilled lobster…!

Like many Shangri-la outlets, much of the food has a Southeast Asia-inspired twist. This includes the sauce options for the seafood, such as sambal sauce and peanut sambal sauce (neither are overly spicy) in addition to more traditional options like herb and garlic butter, black pepper, and spring onion and ginger.

The BBQ Seafood Market promotion will be available until 15 April inclusive from 6.00pm

– 10.30pm daily, priced at HK$628 + 10% for Adults Monday –Thursday and HK$668 + 10% Friday – Sunday. Children between 7-11 years old are priced at HK$314 + 10% Monday – Thursday and HK$334 + 10% Friday –Sunday. Drinks packages per person are an additional HK$40 for soft drinks and juices; HK$200 for wine, sparkling wine, beer soft drinks and juices, and HK$300 for Veuve-Clicquot Champagne, wine, sparkling wine, beer, soft drinks and juices.

3/F, Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, 2252 5246.

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