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New menu review: Duddell’s restaurant, Hong Kong (1 Michelin star)

A review of the new all-day dim sum and set menus at Duddell's in Hong Kong

You may have heard that Hong Kong media platforms have recently come together to launch United We Dine, which encourages Hong Kongers in good health to eat out and support local businesses. It’s been a really tough time for our city’s restaurant scene with small and large restaurants closing and lots of jobs at stake. So, if you are well and feel comfortable, consider checking out the limited-time menus that are part of United We Dine (on until 30 April) / other well-priced menus now on offer.

Duddell’s has special United We Dine menus but we recently visited to try their All-Day Dim Sum Menu and All-Day Set Menu located in their 4F salon (no end date). This one Michelin starred restaurant, helmed by Chef Li Man-Lung, likely doesn’t need much introduction as it’s been serving up stylish, authentic Cantonese food for years. It’s a good time to try some of their best dishes with these special deals.

The New All-Day Dim Sum Menu ($238 per person)

Enjoy a selection of Duddell’s best dim sum (1 piece each) along with a glass of house wine or a selected cocktail (+ $120).

  • Duddell’s shrimp dumpling

  • Pork and shrimp dumpling, conpoy

  • Spinach dumpling, fungus

  • Crispy barbecued pork bun

  • Truffle fried pork dumpling

  • Shrimp spring roll, garlic

  • Steamed fried rice, lotus leaf OR Braised Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom

Enjoy on weekdays from 12pm or weekends from 3pm.

The new All-Day Set Menu ($368 per person, minimum 2 persons)

With this five-course set, you’ll get a modern take on some Cantonese classics along with a glass of house wine or a selected cocktail (+ $120).

  • Barbecued pork and crispy pork belly

  • Crispy prawn, salted egg yolk (huge prawns!)

  • Diced crispy chicken, chilli

  • Sautéed seasonal vegetable, garlic

  • Fried noodles, supreme soy sauce

The salon, which opens up to a vibrant terrace, is a particularly lovely space for enjoying a leisurely meal. Enjoy now and as the weather gets warmer.

Level 3 Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell St, Central, 2525 9191

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