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[Closed] Estiatorio KEIA, Hong Kong

A stylish new Greek restaurant in H Queen's from Dubai’s Bulldozer Group

H Queen’s feels like the place to be lately. Since the glossy new skyscraper opened in mid 2018, it’s been gradually filling up with high end restaurants, galleries, and shops. Estiatorio KEIA is the newest restaurant to open and, like the other restaurants in the building including sister restaurant ICHU, it is a beauty. Located on the second floor, the large space has a dining room, bar area, and terrace designed by the award winning Sundukovy Sisters.

For those that think the design looks familiar, it is indeed backed by the Dubai-based Bulldozer Group who were also behind the Seafood Room (now closed). Both restaurants share the same modern, glam, slightly hippie vibe with large colourful murals, sculptural pendant lights, and layered metals, marbles, and woods. And as for the food? It’s an estiatorio, or an upmarket Greek restaurant, that specializes in fresh seafood and Mediterranean flavours.


From the starters, my favourite dishes were the Greek Salad ($158), the Saganaki Cheese ($138), and the Grilled Octopus Leg ($248).

The salad was very fresh and generous with the amount of feta cheese.

While I’m not sure the flaming ouzo did anything for the flavour of this Saganaki dish, the cheese itself was creamy and chewy and went perfectly with the crunchy crust and marinated pear.

The Grilled Octopus Leg was very fresh with a slightly smoky taste which complemented the creamy fava bean-based sauce and tangy olives and capers.


KEIA makes its pasta fresh everyday and our table couldn’t get enough of the Seafood Bucatini with Bottarga ($278). The pasta was rustic and hearty, the seafood (mussels, calamari, shrimp) was generously portioned, and the sauce was sweet and fresh. We were dining with a large group and when our section finished our portion, we had no shame in asking those sitting beside us for their leftovers…!

Seabass lovers will enjoy this rendition ($488 for the whole seabass). It’s presented exotically before the staff take it away for portioning. The fish is fresh and grilled simply allowing the natural flavours to shine.

Lastly, the Grilled Squid ($288) sounded simple but was one of my favourite dishes of the night. The squid itself had great flavour and the flavourful melted lemon herb butter took me to heaven.

Both the Sauteed Broccolini ($68) and Greek Roasted Potatoes ($68) were simple and well prepared.


Our meal ended with the Ekmek ($118), a traditional Greek bread pudding, and the Yogurt Mousse cake ($118). Both great choices heavy with pistachios and with deliciously light dairy (custard for the former, ice cream for the latter) elements.


For the location and quality of service and food, KEIA is a great choice. It’s a feel-good place that’s perfect for date night, girls night, or business dinner. Somehow it’s possible to leave feeling virtuous, satisfied yet fairly light with regards to your stomach and your wallet. Given the value, I’m guessing it’ll be one of H Queen’s most popular dining options for some time to come.

2/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Central, 2677 7737

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