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New brunch review: Francis, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Brunch now served at one of the city’s most popular Middle Eastern restaurants

I’ll never forget my first trip to Francis. The restaurant had been open for nearly six months and I was patiently waiting for it to be a little less busy (no reservations). But after six months, it was still busy so I was willing to queue. Would the food really be that good? After one visit, I could see why it was so popular. The flavours were rich and intense and the restaurant had a great vibe. I knew I’d be back soon and yet with Hong Kong’s crazy dining scene the way it is, I actually didn’t go back for over a year … until they announced brunch!

My friend and I went on a Saturday morning and the weather was cool enough to sit on the mini patio. Brunch includes four sharing meze, choice of one main, and a dessert for $280.

On the day we went, there were various shakshuka (the classic Israeli brunch dish) options as well as chicken schnitzel, Wagyu rump skewers, as well as an interesting sounding street food-inspired sabich (an Israeli Jewish sandwich) for the mains. We opted for the green shakshuka (with spinach, feta and silverbeet) and the sabich.


The meze reminded me of why I loved my first visit to Francis. Each dish was hearty, flavourful and well prepared.

Hummus with pita

Spiced beef ‘cigar’ with green tahini

Avocado and tomato salad with shaklish and za’atar

Gorgeous halloumi with honey and wild oregano


The green shakshuka came highly recommended so we gave it a try. Sadly we found this one very bland and watery which made it hard to eat alone or with the accompanying bread.


We were quite hungry so the size of the sabich was mildly upsetting. The overall taste was OK but not the sort of thing that satisfies for brunch. It was also hard to eat and we ended up eating it ingredient by ingredient.


We ended our mealing with a deliciously light and fragrant little mousse.


Francis remains one of my favourite Middle Eastern spots in town. When you order well, the food is delicious and very satisfying. This time our brunch mains needed a little work … we hope to give it another try one day or maybe we’ll just go back for dinner.

4 & 6 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, 3101 9521

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