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New menu review: Isola, an Italian restaurant, IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Eat your way through Italy (in Hong Kong) for a limited time only

Most people love Italian food but I’d bet that most don’t know there are 20 regions in Italy and each have their own unique customs and traditions including food and wine options (or maybe it's just me). This season, Isola want to introduce Hong Kong to the breadth and depth of Italian food with their new regional menus. Each menu is available for a two week period and priced at $428.

Here’s what they will cover:

Recently, I had the chance to try the ‘Journey to Trentino South Tyrol’ menu and was pleasantly surprised. This region is in the north and where both Isola’s chef and manager are fun. We had great fun learning about how the colder temperature results in home-ier food. Each dish was new for me.

Starters of seasonal salad and wild mushrooms, flour cream and chanterelle mushrooms with tomato sauce

Trentino-style barley soup

Homemade ‘canederli’ with beef ragout and meat broth

Roasted lamb chops in Tyrol-style sauce

Stewed sturgeon with potatoes and cabbage

When I left Isola, I felt like I’d just had dinner at a friend’s house (food-wise, Isola’s location is still quite glam with the skyline and all). The dishes had a ‘just like mom used to make’ quality and the portion sizes were generous.

Check out the Friuli Venezia Giulia (2 to 15 September) and Puglia (16 to 29 September) menus before this special series is over!

One International Finance Centre, Shop 2075, 2/F, Harbour View St, Central, 2383 8765

*By invitation

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