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New Japanese restaurant review: Kakure, Hong Kong

An ‘all in one’ Japanese spot in the heart of Landmark

In the heart of the Landmark complex in Central lies newish Japanese restaurant Kakure. The entrance makes it seem like a speakeasy but it’s actually a 3,000 square foot ‘all in one’ spot. As in there’s a bar (separate from the restaurant), sushi bar, teppanyaki cooking station, main dining area with booths, as well as private tatami rooms. While it might not be the most romantic of spots, the location, service, quality and overall serene vibe make it perfect for a variety of occasions including business meals.

Or drinks. On the night we went, a company had booked out the entire bar and it seemed like they were having a grand time! On regular evenings, happy hour specials run from 4 to 7pm.

And the food? Here are some of our favourite bites.

Signature Dish

I really enjoyed this Wagyu-beef wrapped oyster topped with uni, caviar and ponzu jelly ($298). Although there was a lot going on, the delicate, creamy taste of the oyster still shone through. I would have preferred a little more uni though so there would be some with every bite. Alas. But still lovely.


Deep fried abalone ($620) is such a treat. These beauties were from South Africa and coated in an airy batter. Delightful on their own and moreish with the crab roe miso sauce. 


At the teppanyaki bar, we tucked into chunks of US Beef Fillet ($368) and Hida Wagyu Tenderloin ($568). The US fillet had a nice earthy taste while each bite of the Wagyu released delicious punches of creamy, fatty flavour.


Who can resist a cute dessert? This ‘Soil’ (HK$78) was a chocolate cookie crumb-topped black sesame mousse with edible radish seedlings and flowers.


Kakure is spacious, comfortable and of high quality in terms of food, drinks and service. While it might not be groundbreaking or vibe-y, it does what it does well. Give it a try the next time you’re looking to entertain or just have a solid, quiet meal with friends.

M 20-24, M/F, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Rd, Central, 2522 9990

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