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New truffle menu review: La Petite Maison, Hong Kong (now LPM Restaurant & Bar)

Eight new dishes for truffle season

I had lunch at La Petite Maison (paid for, not a tasting) a few months back and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in Hong Kong. The simple yet elegant Nicoise cuisine was just so satisfying … amazing ingredients paired perfectly. And the atmosphere was delightful: sprightly and playful with fantastic service (everybody is charming). So imagine my excitement at getting to return for dinner to try some of their seasonal truffle dishes. 

This fall, La Petite Maison will offer eight new a la carte dishes using white and black truffles from the mountainous woodlands of Marche, Italy; white truffles will be served during October and November, and black truffles served during November and December. Dishes include an assortment of pastas as well as a burrata, a risotto, a souffle and even a cocktail!

Here are the truffle dishes we tried.

Burrata a la Truffe Blanche ($798)

This beautiful, runny burrata was covered in decadent truffle shavings and complemented with a lightly tangy dressing. I shared this but did so begrudgingly…!

Rigatoni Maison a la Truffle Blanche ($798)

When I think of my ideal truffle pasta, I think of a dish like this one. The rigatoni was smooth and had bite, with each tube covered and filled with a rich, cheesy, slightly nutty, truffle-infused cream. And it was topped with truffles.

Gnocchi Maison a la Truffe Blanche ($798)

These gnocchi were light and airy, and the sauce was amazingly fragrant. It reminded me a bit of sour cream and onion in the best way. Still thinking about this one and would love to return and have it again.


At La Petite Maison, each dish is simple perfection with the truffles adding wonderful, luxurious depth to dishes that are already good enough to stand alone. This review is all positive but really, check it out for yourself! Prices are high but you truly get what you pay for. To round out your meal, don’t miss the roast baby chicken with lemon ($338) or the cheesecake ($118).

Shop 1, H Queen's, 23-29, 1/F Stanley St, Central, 2887 1113

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