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Cantonese restaurant review: Ming Court, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

New Autumn Cocktail and Dim Sum Brunch at Cantonese restaurant Ming Court in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Although Ming Court has long been one of Hong Kong’s best Cantonese restaurants (with its Mongkok location holding one Michelin star), I knew very little about it before visiting to check out a new Autumn Cocktail and Dim Sum Brunch ($338, weekends only until 27 December). But it might be, no exaggeration, my new favourite Cantonese restaurant.

It’s located in Great Eagle Centre, an office building close to the St. Regis but feels a world away. The creamy, muted palette is elegant and soothing.

We were seated in the bar area for this brunch where there are banquette tables or high tables. The banquette tables book up fast so I’d request this in advance.

But onto the food… and drink!

The cocktails are crafted by the restaurant’s new head mixologist, Elmo Li, who was previously bar director at Tazmania Ballroom. She is a talent and presented us with the Ming Court Mojito and the Mala Mary along with their paired dimsum.

Pairing 1: Ming Court Mojito

steamed crab meat dumpling with egg white

taro puff pastry with pork

baked French codfish pastry with black vinegar sauce

This Mojito uses pickled-lime infused white rum which gave the cocktail a really unusual kick, one that paired very well with the Cantonese dishes.

Pairing 2: Mala Mary

drunken shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoot

steamed vegetable dumpling with marinated termite mushrooms

Australian Wagyu beef and black pepper puff

This take on the Bloody Mary packed heat and had a nice tangy aftertaste. A great drink and pairing (still dreaming about the drunken shrimp dumpling!) for those who like stronger flavours.

While the cocktails, dim sum and pairings are all excellent, this special may not be very filling for those with bigger appetites. We still had room and tucked into some of the restaurant’s signature dishes as well.

Supreme barbequed pork loin in honey sauce ($208)

Baked bamboo charcoal buns with barbequed pork ($68)

sauteed rice rolls in home-made XO sauce ($88 per person)

fried egg twist with syrup ($48)

steamed sponge cake with sesame ($58)

almond cream with egg white ($68)

Everything was delicious. The barbequed pork melted in the mouth without being too fatty. Loved the addition of onions in the barbeque pork buns. I am still dreaming about the wok hei of the sauteed rice rolls. And each of the desserts were great in their own way: the egg twists were airy, the steamed sponge cake indulgent, and the almond cream incredibly, well, creamy.

We ended our meal with the Save the Date cocktail ($118). Smooth and decadent with red dates and dried longan tea, coconut milk, red date syrup and Black Label whisky.


Given the atmosphere and quality of the food, Ming Court Wanchai’s prices are very fair. Definitely looking forward to visiting again and perhaps giving dinner a try. Note also that the bar offers great Happy Hour deals with cocktails going for just $78 and up from 3:30 to 8pm daily.

2/F, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, 2878 1212

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