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Restaurant review: Brunch at The Envoy in Central, Hong Kong

A perfect brunch for snackers with large appetites

Last year, I had the opportunity to try The Envoy’s new colonial-inspired small plates menu. And I loved it. I thought Chef Kohli had created really unique and tasty dishes. I’d been telling people about the insane bangers and mash (most buttery puree and juiciest sausages ever) ever since. Earlier this year, I saw an announcement that they were launching a new brunch which was basically an all you can eat spread of the appetizers followed by a main course which included the bangers and mash. And all for only $288, which for a brunch buffet in Hong Kong is a total steal. When I was looking for a brunch spot for a catch-up with a friend and her one-year-old daughter, I made a booking to reacquaint myself with the menu’s deliciousness. Also, because we were going on a gorgeous spring day and The Envoy has a gorgeous terrace.

Small Plates and Greens

There are eight small plate and three greens options. Not a bad plate in the house, though my favourites of the small plates were the herbal tea deviled eggs, spiced tuna wonton cups (had three rounds of these!), butter chicken lollipops, and pani puri. The Sir Pottinger’s squid salad was also incredibly fresh, and something I’d order a la carte.

Big Plates

See above and the previous review for my love for the bangers and mash. On the day we went, the Classic Sunday Roast option was a lamb rack, tender and generously portioned though I wasn’t a big fan of the red wine sauce.


Honestly, The Envoy’s brunch is such good value, especially if you enjoy meat and seafood. Whether you sit indoors or outdoors, it’s a stunning, relaxing spot to enjoy a long, lazy afternoon. Free flow options are available, and I'd definitely like to go back not only for the food but also to try the pandan latte...somehow missed this last time!

3/F, The Pottinger Hotel, 74 Queen's Road, Central, 2169 3311

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