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New restaurant review: Rajasthan Rifles, The Peak, Hong Kong

Anglo-Indian food now served on The Peak!

Breakfast may not be as popular as it once was (at least in my circles, hello intermittent fasting) but I still think there’s little better than starting a day with a mini feast. Especially one that’s satisfyingly full of flavour. With this in mind, one Saturday morning my friend and I made our way up to The Peak to check out Rajasthan Rifles’ newly launched breakfast menu available from 8 to 11 am.

Rajasthan Rifles is Black Sheep’s first Anglo-Indian restaurant. The menu and the decor are inspired accordingly and the result is unlike anything else I’ve seen in Hong Kong. Before going, thoughts of how it would compare with New Punjab Club entered my mind. Black Sheep’s other South Asian restaurant is easily one of my top three restaurants in town; the strong flavours, bold decor, fun service … stellar! Rajasthan Rifles is sort of the chill version of that. The flavours are lovely but less complex and the vibe is more mess hall than jewel box. Which, perhaps, is ideal for long, lazy mornings.

It was chilly and misty on the day we went, so we tucked into a corner booth and ordered steaming hot cups of chai as we browsed the menu. There are eight options for mains including heavier dishes like a breakfast version of Keema and Pau and Kulcha and Fry, as well as lighter dishes like Dalhousie Porridge with bananas and dates and Fruit and Yogurt.

We chose the Bhurjee, Keema and Pau, and bacon and honey Rifles Rolls to share.

Bhurjee ($108)

A three-egg masala scramble was piled on top of buttery milk buns. Lightly spiced so not too overwhelming to have first thing.

Keema and Pau ($148)

This one was heavier but absolutely delicious. A great choice for those who like savoury, strong flavours. It was slightly different than the dinner versions I’ve had as it contained some bits of egg.

Rifles Rolls ($118)

There are various options for Rifle Rolls (basically a naan wrap): bacon and honey, sausage and crushed peppercorns, three fried eggs, or a combination of fillings. We went with bacon and honey and … this one was intense! The bacon was thick cut and spiced, and the spicy drippings with the runny honey was pretty heavenly. I’d recommend sharing this option as it’s quite heavy to have on its own.

Side Orders ($18-$48)

As well, we tried a number of side dishes including Masala Beans ($18), Grilled Mushrooms ($28), Pork Sausage ($28) and Jam and Marmalade ($48). The beans were light with a slight tang, the mushrooms sausage were nice if standard, and the homemade spreads (orange marmalade, peach and rose, and strawberry preserves) were worth the calories.


Rajasthan Rifles is a welcome new addition to the breakfast scene. It can be hard to find good a la carte options in this city, and this one has great food, a fun vibe, and is at a reasonable price point. And of course, the service has to be mentioned. The friendly staff will have you smiling and enjoying yourself … great way to start the day.

The Peak Galleria, Shop G01 G/F, 118 Peak Rd, Central, 2388 8874

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