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Bar review: Tenkei, Hong Kong

Elevated Japanese bar food in LKF

There's a shiny new Japanese spot in LKF which may or may not be difficult for you to find. It's located on a small side street/up some steps (depending on which direction you're coming from) and is reasonably easy to find via Google Maps. But if you're directionally challenged like me, it might help to suggest you look for the big lit-up sign for Levels off of Wyndham Street. Tenkei is located in the same building on the third floor. On Hing Building mostly contains offices but there are a few restaurants and the Zerve Group (who run Zerve Bar and Billiards, and Arena) chose it as the location for its first standalone restaurant. Given its location, there are business lunch deals to be had but what’s it like on an evening?

Tenkei is decorated very much like a lounge. There are neon lights, colourful video animations on the screen behind the bar, candy coloured lights that illuminate the bar, etc. Outside the main room, there’s an outdoor terrace where guests can smoke shisha; quite a few were partaking on the night we went despite the summer heat.

When it comes to the food, the dishes are more modern than classic. It’s a Japanese restaurant, but there are international influences throughout (e.g. Chinese and Spanish influences were present in the dishes we tried, along with lots of mashed avocado). The seafood was very fresh, and the Maguro Avocado ($128), Scallop Crudo ($128), and Aburi Hamachi ($128) were all delicious and priced very reasonably for the quality and portion sizes. Other highlights included the Renkon Tempura ($88) which had dumpling filling sandwiched between slices of lotus root before being battered and fried, and the Mochi ($78).

I wouldn’t say the restaurant is suitable for a romantic date, but if you’re looking for a spot for nice cocktails with elevated bar bites then you may like to give Tenkei a try.

3/F, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, 2789 3812

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